Gazi Tariq Salman Arrest What happened in  ?

Gazi Tariq Salman Arrest What happened in ?

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Gazi Tariq Salman Arrest What happened in court ?
When the judge refused his bail plea, Gazi Tariq Salman was a little upset. He did not realize that such an event could happen.
When there is a case against me, I immediately informed the matter to my senior authority. They told me that since the case has been done, the case should be treated legally.I was not arrested properly. My bail application is rejected. Then I was taken to the courtroom. Preparing to send me to prison Then I requested the police, please give me some time. Give my senior official a chance to report this.
At the request of Gazi Tariq Salman, the police gave him the opportunity to contact senior officials. He was in the courtroom for two hours. At around one and a half, the judge of the court sent Pion call him. His lawyer was also called.
I go to court. Go to the hall But the judge did not face me. He ordered an order in which my bail was granted in the Khas room. The judge of the court, he tear my prison warrant in front of me. He told me, you have no idea. we have torn off your jail warranty,The storm of discussion and debate over the whole of Bangladesh for the last three days, then what will he do now? He is thinking of taking any legal action,Not yet decided. This is our service association. After consulting with everyone, I will take the next step.
All the people of the country have stood up for me, the news of the violence that has happened to me, after the release of media, the storm of condemnation has spread to me. I am grateful for that. That’s why I thank everyone.

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