Alauddin Alaol Murder
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Behind story

Mohammad Alauddin Chowdhury Alaul, a student of Chittagong University (Chobi) Bangla Department The murders started to open. A week after the assassination, police claimed that they could uncover the mystery of Alaul killing.
Police have confirmed that Alaul has been killed in a planned way because of the love of pakya love.Police arrested four people including Paraquia Love’s heroine while campaigning in different areas including Rumon Bhola’s Lalmohan in Chittagong on charges of involvement in the killings.
The detainees are Yasmin Akhtar Rampa (21), her husband Md. Iqbal Hossain (27) and Rampara two righteous people Taip and Md. Helal.
Police said that on Monday (March 27th), Iqbal was arrested from his khala house at Hingala in Raozan on the night of his wife Ramasaha. On the basis of their information, Tayyab and Helal were arrested from Lalmohan in Bhola district. They were brought to Bhayola from Wednesday on Wednesday.
Police arrested Mohammed Alauddin Chowdhury Alaul and confessed to the police about the assassination.


Iqbal had planned to kill Alokal, who did not want to turn back from the way. And, in the implementation of this plan Take two brothers and a person.
According to the plan, on Wednesday March 22, after wrapping Alaul with phone by rampa on the phone, Baoyajid said that he saw a new house rented in the area of West Shahidnagar area, and he escaped and killed in a house of Syedul Alam.
On Wednesday morning the journalists were arrested in the Biojid Police Station.
Meanwhile, Biojid Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mohammed Mohsin said that the accused arrested Rampa and her husband and told the police that due to the pre-love, Alaoul almost disturbed him on the phone.
And would offer the wrong. Asked to meet In this, she (Rampa) became unhappy and at one point she told the husband Iqbal Hossain. Iqbal urged Alaul to withdraw from this way. If he did not work, he threatened Alaol on mobile more than once. At one stage one month ago, the wife’s lover planned to kill Alaul.
To implement this plan, Iqbal handled his brother, Helal Tayab and Masud. According to the plan, on the day of the incident, on 22 March, Bayazid Police Station rented a house on the 3rd floor of the four-storey building of Syedul Alam, a resident of West Shahidnagar area.
And he called Alaul by rampa to go home. From that house Iqbal, Helal Tayyab and Masud were hiding from the east.
On receiving the phone of the rumpara, Alawl went to visit Rampa in the house on the day of the incident. At the same time, four persons, including Iqbal, who were hiding from the east, tied Alaul’s arms and legs and strangled him with a rope on his neck.
Alawal’s close friends told thenews paper that after the incident, Aloula allegedly raped her neighbor Yasmin Akhtar Rumpa while being a teacher. Rampa got married suddenly after a long 5-year relationship with a boy from Baradighir Par in Hathazari, a few years ago. They had a relationship even after marriage and actually met Alaul in Ruppa’s father’s house.
Seeing this and seeing the situation in the forearm, at the same time, knowing the husband of Rumpa, there is unrest in their family. And the friends of Alaul told him that he was separated from them.
After a few days of this incident, Raufan’s marriage to Rappa was renewed again. After marriage, Ruppa and her husband used to live in rented accommodation in the Oxygen area of Bayazid Police Station.
One day after 5/6 months ago, when Alaul saw a sudden quarrel with him on the phone, he asked him if Rampa’s second husband threatened him or threatened him. If the matter is settled then he will not be in touch with Rampa.
These friends of Alauler initially thought that because of the conflict of love of love, Rampa and her husband Iqbal Alaul could be killed.
In connection with the incident, on Wednesday, March 22, Bayezid police recovered the body of an unidentified young man from a four-story rented toilet in the West Shahidnagar area of Bayezid Police Station. Initially, the law-enforcement agencies said it was planned to be killed.
The next day, Alawal’s father brother identified his body after seeing the picture of the body. At around night on 23 March, Alaul’s father filed a murder case against the accused in the Biojid police station.
On the other hand, on Wednesday morning, a findings report titled “The Former Girlfriend and Her Husband’s Arrow!” Was published in Reader Dot News on the following day. In the end, he has proved the truth.
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