Shuvanker Sarker Arrest
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Shuvanker Sarker

Shuvanker Sarker

Shuvanker Sarker

Police arrested her husband in China Park housewife Monika murder case. The name of the name is Shubhankar Sarkar. The accused person was arrested from the adjacent areas of Bhutan border in North Bengal.
On April 28 this year, Police recovered the hanging body of Monika Sarker from Chinar Park area. Police also recovered a suicide note from the spot.
On April 30, Monika’s father told police that the writings of suicide notes were not his daughter’s. Based on this, allegations of murder against Monikar husband Shuvankar were filed. Since then, the fugitive was Manikar’s husband, Shubhankar, a worker of IT and Information Technology.
Monika Mondal, daughter of Alipurduar, was married on January 21, 2016, with the Shuvankar Sarker of the East Garaykanta region of Jalpaiguri district. Those who later started staying at Rajarhat under Baguiata thana. On April 28, Monika’s hanging body was recovered from her in-laws’ house in Rajarhat. Abnormal death.The complaint was filed against Monika’s husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law. The suits were filed in more than one section, including the murder of the accused (point 302), brutal torture
Police started investigations on the basis of the father’s death. Hand Writing Experts are tested by the writings of suicide notes. Moniker’s father says the complaint is complete, experts say.Then the police named in the search for the fugitive Shubankar. Finally, after 75 days of Monika Sarker death, Shuvankar, who was arrested, The accused have been arrested from the tea garden area of Chongmari north of Bhutan border in North Bengal.
Information Source kolkata 24/7

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