Vision 2030

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Khaleda Zia
* To prevent corruption, announcement of establishment of good governance and formation of a modern state * Presentation of Khaleda Zia‘s ‘Vision 2030’ * Balancing will be brought to the Prime Minister’s ‘single power’. * Reinforcing referendum, strict action against terrorism, militancy and extremism * Second Padma and second Jamuna bridge will be built.
BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia has presented ‘Vision 2030’ in front of the people in order to prevent corruption and to declare the establishment of good policy, good governance and good governance, to make Bangladesh a happier, prosperous, modern and self respecting country.
Regarding foreign policy in the ‘Vision 2030’ presented to the West Hotel in the city on Wednesday, he said: “BNP is firmly committed to maintain independence, sovereignty and state status of Bangladesh. BNP will not interfere in internal affairs of any other state and will not create security problems for any other state.
Likewise, the BNP pledged that strong opposition will be created if any other state intervenes in the internal affairs of Bangladesh and threatens the state’s security in Bangladesh.
BNP believes that there are friends of Bangladesh outside our border, there is no lord. In the foreign relations, the national interest will be given maximum priority. BNP will establish special relations with Muslim Ummah and neighboring countries.
The 41-page ‘Vision 2030’ has been published in the form of book. It includes democracy, nation formation, good governance, defense, foreign policy, reform of power of morality, service, social safety net, liberation war and freedom fighters, terrorism, economy, research and development, demographic dividend, education human resources, information and communication technology (ICT) , Culture,

Employment abroad and expatriate welfare, freedom of media and expression, local government, agriculture and farmers, labor welfare, urbanization and housing, safe food and medicines, health care, youth women and children, climate change; Water Resources, Marine Economics (Blue Economy) and Environment Conservation; Khaleda Zia highlighted the aims and views of BNP in 37 issues, including electricity, energy, industrial, communications (roads, rail and waterways), tourism, asset conservation, social disorder problems, earthquakes, CHT and backward areas and communal harmony.A large number of leaders of the 20-party alliance, diplomats of different countries, and media journalists including senior journalists were present in the program organized on the occasion of ‘Vision 2030’. At the beginning of the speech, on behalf of BNP Chairperson Shubha Buddha Purnima, greet all the women, men and children following Buddhist religion. Vision-2030 is effectively shown in what if the BNP is going to power in future, it has also been formulated like the election manifesto of the party.
Explaining the aims and objectives of formulating ‘Vision 2030’, former Prime Minister said in the introductory speech, the people of Bangladesh saw the dream through the great liberation war. That dream was justice, human dignity and equality. This dream of the people has not been successful today. Dreams of tyranny and misrule are lost in dreams. Today, we all have to take a new oath to meet that dream collectively.
The aim of the BNP is to formulate a shared social and economic justice, public welfare, tolerant, humanitarian, peaceful, and prosperous democratic society by holding all the peoples and communities of all faiths, small ethnic groups, thoughts, consciousness and hope aspirations.
she said, I gave a brief outline of BNP’s Vision Twenty-Thirty in the speech I gave in the BNP council session on March 19, 2016. We have prepared a complete form of this through a wide range of consultations with experts and at the party level for more than a year.
BNP believes people will be the center of all development. By eliminating the barriers which reduce the talent, labor, initiative and encouragement of the people, BNP has formulated ‘Vision 2030’ with the aim of making Bangladesh a happy, prosperous, modern and self-respecting state.
People want to return ownership to the country
Khaleda Zia said, BNP thinks that the people of Bangladesh did not own the ownership of the state that was formed by the people’s liberation war. So BNP wants to restore the country’s ownership to the people of the country.

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information source/ittefaq/Shamsuddin Ahmed and Anwar Al-Din

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